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AUSTRALIA IS BURNING ⁣ ⁣ If you are already aware of this and have seen disturbi…



If you are already aware of this and have seen disturbing images of animals burnt, lands on fire and houses destroyed and if this is what makes you sad, what makes you uncomfortable, what breaks your heart then don’t just scroll through screens and avoid it. ⁣
Shed some money, no matter how small the amount is but just pls donate whatever you can. Anything between $10- $20 is the least that won’t hurt your pocket and can help all the animals and people in need. ⁣

And if you are someone who is still not aware of the bush fires in Australia then make yourself aware and donate. ⁣

If you think this is happening in Australia and doesn’t affect you in any single way because you are sitting in another part of the world then you are wrong. We all breathe the same air, we all are responsible for this drastic climate change (this is a topic for another day). ⁣

We just have one planet and this is Mother Earth fighting back for what we have done to her.⁣

Pls pls help the people who have lost their homes, land and everything in the fires, pls help the animals that can’t ask you for help because they don’t have social media and can’t speak our language. ⁣

Being sad won’t help, being upset is not the need of the hour. These fires are much bigger than what happened in amazon and much much dangerous. ⁣

I have been living in Australia for almost 3 yrs and consider it my second home and it is so heart breaking to see the images of people crying and koala and kangaroos burning 😭⁣

While not all of us can be physically present there to help the people or animals, the least we can do is to donate. ⁣

Below are some organisations where you can donate:⁣ @wireswildliferescue @nswrfs @redcrossau @salvosau⁣

Everyone living in Australia, pls stay safe and others pls help and give back. DONATE 🙏⁣

Also, a massive shoutout to @helloemilie for raising awareness and sharing the link to donate. Go see her stories and story highlight section “help” for swipe up links to donate.⁣

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21 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA IS BURNING ⁣ ⁣ If you are already aware of this and have seen disturbi…

  1. By now we all know. We are praying for rain. And they had a little. But we are all concerned

  2. Lovely lady looking toward Sydney. Lovely

  3. So heartbreaking to see the koalas and other animals 😭😭

  4. Such a dreamy photo and I’m so sorry this is happening! I was just watching this on the news here in New York

  5. It so heartbreaking.. 💔💔💔

  6. It’s truly devastating and heartbreaking. We had some crazy fires in Cali but this one is way bigger.

  7. this is heartbreaking. thank you for raising awareness

  8. It is really very upsetting

  9. Great pictures in your feed! This one is my favourite I think 😊

  10. What an incredible view 😍🙏🏼

  11. So sad to see this is happening… hope the fire will be over soon😢

  12. Love and light ❤️ Praying for you Australia 🙏

  13. It is so so so sad. I was just there this year and can’t believe it’s happening

  14. We are and we will🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Yeah it is so sad to hear that 🙁

  16. And summer is just starting! 😩#prayingforaustralia

  17. Really sad to see what’s happening. We have so many fires in California too. Important to help in every way and hope for the best 🙏

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